Located in Claremont California, Shingleton Viols handcrafts baroque period stringed instruments inspired by original surviving instruments of the English, French, and German periods of classical viol making.

Shingleton Viols is proud of each completed instrument; the timbre is superb and the workmanship, with its attention to detail, is readily apparent. We encourage you to contact us to arrange a visit to our workshop so you can see for yourself how we create viols using only the finest materials and authentic baroque stringed instrument construction techniques.

We welcome worldwide commissions. Don’t worry if you are unable to travel to California; let us know and we’ll arrange a ‘Skype tour’ of our workshop and instruments in the making. So put together your wish list for your custom viol – let us make your instrument come to life.

Hope to see you at the upcoming 2015 Conclave in Atlanta, Georgia
July 7-Aug 2, 2015